Hello ;) 

Do you want to exchange a postcard? Read the message and learn the rules of the exchange.
I offer cards which are available in the album:

  • postcards with stamps and written. NOT envelope (Unless it is required in your country)
  • postcard must be new
  • not done manually, not printed on the printer private
  • send a postcard from where you live - if you live in Poland, send a postcard from the Polish not from the USA.


- singel oraz multi view 
- singel oraz multi view - night 
- mountains 
- lightning 
- maps 
- Gotochi card 
- urban parks 
- lighthouse 
- beautiful natura 
- National Parks

Show me an album or postcard that you want to send me!

I don't like: 
- handmade postcards 
- free card

I am looking for postcards from countries (gray) which do not yet have a collection.

If you are ready to exchange please contact first.   agneskowa@o2.pl


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